Roadmap and versions

PurePNG use odd/even minor version numbering with odd for development and even for stable versions.


PyPNG with it’s 0.0.* version could be treated as previous stable version of PurePNG. David Jones works carefully on this.


  • Reworked Cython concept.
  • Add optional filtering on save.
  • Module/package duality
  • Python 2/3 polyglot (and partitial Cython)
  • Using bytearray when possible.
  • PIL plugin
  • More chunks: text, resolution, colour intent

0.3 ==> 0.4

  • Provide optimisation functions like ‘try to pallete’ or ‘try to greyscale’
  • Separate pnm support to module within package
  • Rework iccp module to become part of package
  • Better text support
  • Enhance PIL plugin, support ‘raw’ reading with palette handled by PIL


  • Cython-accelerated scaling
  • Support more chunks at least for direct reading|embeding.
  • Integrate most tools (incl. picture formats) into package
  • Other Cython acceleration when possible